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Blisterstreifen im Röntgenblick

X-ray vision for blister strips

X-ray technology instead of destructive random sampling: The X-ray module enables the inline verification of powder filled, sealed aluminium blister strips for Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI).

Bedienerschutz: bewährt in der Praxis

Operator protection: proven in practice

Harro Höfliger designed a containment concept for their capsule filling machines of the Modu-C family. The compact design provides reliable protection for operators as well as the environment.

Tief einatmen – Respimat© von Boehringer Ingelheim

Take a deep breath – Respimat© by Boehringer Ingelheim

The Respimat© by Boehringer Ingelheim is a successful product for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Harro Höfliger and partner companies from Excellence United are a part of this project.

Saubere Lösung: Wasserlösliche Portionspackungen

Clean solution: Water soluble portion packs

Portion packs for dishwashers and washing machines are the trend. They are easy to handle and avoid overdosing. How are they manufactured with the desired shape and fill quantity?

Made in Japan – TTS/TDS-Produkte

Made in Japan – TTS/TDS products

When it comes to the production of patches for the treatment of asthma and pain Nipro Patch relies on Harro Höfliger’s many years of expertise in web converting as well as in transdermal systems.

Schub für Kundenprojekte

Boost for customer projects

Accelerating processes, minimizing project costs and risks – this is what the Harro Höfliger Pharma Services experts specialize in. The basis for their product consulting is a comprehensive database.

Ein effektives Duo

A highly effective duo

A new single-use plastic applicator ensures the accurate and hygienical administration of a nasal gel which encapsulates harmful particulates. Thus, the risk of toxicity is reduced.

Das zergeht auf der Zunge

It melts on your tongue!

Oral (ODF) and buccal (MBF) film strips offer huge potential for the pharmaceutical market. Harro Höfliger has a well-established machine program for the production and packaging of film strips.

Bauchnabel-Pflaster gegen Bauchschmerzen

Navel patch heals abdominal pain

The Shanxi Yabao Pharmaceutical Group produces homeopathic patches for the Chinese market. The “gingerbread” patch is manufactured on a Packing and Four-Side Sealing Machine from Harro Höfliger.

Einnahme leicht gemacht

Taking medication made easy

XStraw® is the name of a new dosage form using a drinking straw. The straw is pre-filled with a drug and enables a more comfortable intake for children and patients having diffculty swallowing.

Durch die Nase direkt ins Gehirn

Shortcut for drug delivery to the brain

Nasal applications also permit administration of brain-enhancing molecules. M et P Pharma AG chose Harro Höfliger as a competent system builder for filling and sealing their nasal devices.

Side Loading – Top Opening

Side loading – top opening

Packaging products quickly and attractively – horizontal cartoning units are a convenient solution for safe, customer-friendly packaging of several components in top-opening boxes.

Schnelle Lösung für Augentropfen

Fast solution for eye drops

Harro Höfliger produced a labeling and packaging line for Pharma Stulln – a GMP-compliant production line – within a very tight deadline. The limited space available required special line planning.

Kleine Scheiben, groß in der Diagnostik

Small disks, big in diagnostics

So-called mini labs make it possible to analyze samples at the “Point-of-Care”. Harro Höfliger supplied a filling and sealing station for the production of test elements at Hahn-Schickard in Freiburg.

Intelligente Pflaster mit On-Board-Technologie

Smart patches equipped with on board technology

Mobile medical monitoring by means of a smart device: Dressings with small sensors and wireless technology are comfortable to wear and accurately record patients' data.

Sanftes Handling von Cryo-Pellets

Gentle handling of cryo pellets

For the handling of lyophilisates, Harro Höfliger offers a unique automated solution – the Cryo Pellet Dispenser. The freeze-dried pellets are safely conveyed and accurately dosed via air flow.

Insulin inhalieren statt spritzen

Inhaling insulin instead of injecting

Powder inhalers help diabetics: Harro Höfliger designed and built two filling and assembly systems for dry-powder inhalation systems for the US based MannKind Corporation.

In Dreiecksform

In a triangular shape

A smart and practical solution for the packaging of powdered products. The delta-shaped foil packs each contain a single portion and can be opened easily and quickly.

Doppelbeutel sicher verpackt

Securely packaged double bags

Klocke Pharma-Service and Harro Höfliger have worked together for more than 25 years. A few months ago, they implemented the third line for packaging double bags, based on a MKL horizontal cartoner.

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