Smart operation of auto-injectors

Auto-injectors are devices which enable patients to self-administer injections in a simple and safe way. This kind of application is suitable for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, for example, and for the administration of biotechnical drugs, e.g. against rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or asthma. Also, many drugs for rare diseases can be injected with auto-injectors. Due to this wide range of applications and the high demand for self-injection, the Swiss company Ypsomed launched the auto-injector platform YpsoMate®. The product family can be used flexibly: The devices are congruent with all glass or polymer syringes with a filling volume of up to 2,25 milliliters.

The YpsoMate® auto-injector is utilized in two simple steps: The patient first removes the protective cap and presses the injector against the skin, often of the upper arm or the thigh. A first click marks the beginning, a second click signals the end of the injection. As the needle is shielded during the entire process, users and third parties are protected from injuries.

  • The Assembly Lab allows for the ideal production of auto-injectors, pens, safety devices and patch injectors.

    With smaller series, or for the determination of process parameters, the final assembly can be executed on the Assembly Lab machine.  

Semi-automatic assembly system for smaller series 

Harro Höfliger supplies the ideal machine solutions for the final assembly of the YpsoMate® auto-injector: For clinical studies and smaller series, the final assembly can be carried out on the semi-automatic Assembly Lab, an individually adaptable machine platform.  Due to easily interchangeable workpiece carriers, not only auto-injectors but also pens, safety devices and patch injectors can be executed. For larger batch sizes the Assembly Lab can also be used as a development machine. All process parameters are scalable to larger production machines.




Ypsomed: Auto-injectors flexibly assembled

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