Introducing BD Libertas™ Wearable Injector

The BD Libertas™ Wearable Injector is designed to deliver large volume (2-5 ml) or highly viscous (up to 50 cP) biologics subcutaneously, at home or in clinical settings. It is designed to be adhered to the patient’s abdomen or outer thigh and is intended to be worn by the patient for a period of up to 45 minutes. The fully mechanical device design is a pre-fillable drug delivery system for combination products that requires no patient filling or assembly. The BD Libertas™ Wearable Injector features automated needle insertion and needle retraction designed to conceal the needle before and after injection. A prerequisite for reliable functioning is a stable and expertly executed assembly process of the individual injector components.

  • Libertas™ can be networked with a smart device.

    The design and user interface of the BD Libertas™ result from extensive clinical research.

  • Libertas™ consists of four component groups

    The Assembly Lab ensures process reliability even at an early stage

  • For clinical studies and small batch production, Harro Höfliger designed the semi-automatic Assembly Lab.

    BD has conducted over 50 BD pre-clinical and clinical studies to inform the design and development of the injector.

Assembly Lab: The ideal system for test quantity production

For clinical studies and small batch production, Harro Höfliger designed the semi-automatic Assembly Lab. Already in the early phase this assembly system offers a process reliability with regard to final assembly. The wearable injector consists of four component groups: 

A filled and stoppered primary container including the formulation with active ingredient, an adjustable spacer piece, the main device body sub-assembly including the needle, and the device cover. An upscaling of the final assembly process can be easily achieved.




Stable process: Becton Dickinson has launched the Libertas™, an innovative injector.

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