The evidence for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis is amazing. Its active ingredients, above all the cannabinoids THC and CBD, for example, alleviate chronic pain and the side effects of chemotherapy. For these reasons, more and more physicians are appreciating the therapeutic potential of the plant.

In Israel, more than 25,000 inhabitants are now legally receiving medical hemp; research is even supported by the Ministry of Health. This development is not least due to Perry Davidson. The founder and CEO of Syqe Medical has set himself the goal of increasing the social acceptance of cannabis as a therapeutic substance. His focus is on administration in reproducibly precise and medically controllable doses.

  • Syqe Medical's inhaler is child-proof and easy to use

    The pain-relieving, relaxing effect of the aerosol inhaler occurs after just a few minutes.

  • All relevant data can be sent to the attending physician via an app

    The aerosol inhaler is able to control the drug delivery in 100 microgram increments electronically.

  • The volatile ingredients are gently evaporated

    During the inhalation process the dried flowers are heated in the Vapor Chips.

Smart metered-dose inhaler

Syqe Medical’s aerosol inhaler controls the release of the active ingredient electronically in portions of 100 micrograms. In addition, all relevant data is transmitted to the treating physician. Inhalation offers patients a clear advantage over oral intake: The analgesic and relaxing effect occurs after only a few minutes.

When it came to choosing a technology partner for dosing cannabis into the cartridges of the inhaler, Perry Davidson opted for Harro Höfliger. Harro Höfliger’s versatile dosing systems and significant experience with extraordinary inhalation projects fully convinced us. We have been working together successfully since the beginning of 2016,“ he emphasizes.



Inhalation Products

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