Complex packaging process

Laboratories all over the world have been relying on Elecsys® -Technology from Roche for 20 years. The diagnostic product, which stands out by quick findings and precise results, is used in many areas of immunology and consists of up to three components in different plastic bottles. Roche`s so called “Line 13”, on which the product is manufactured, features trayloaders, an assembly unit, several labelers, carton erectors and a toploader cartoning machine. Various feed and control systems are also included. Different box formats and the tolerances of the packaging materials make the packaging process vulnerable to errors. In order to achieve the required number of pieces, the line runs 16 hours a day and reaches 85 cycles per minute. 

  • Numerous cameras, sensors and check-weighers check the products while being processed on “Line 13”.

    Numerous cameras, sensors and check-weighers check the products while being processed on “Line 13”.

Preventive maintenance as an ongoing process

Thank to the new Preventive Maintenance Plan, technical malfunctions shall be avoided and thus production output increased. Numerous cameras, sensors and check-weighers control the complex system, which consists of a total of 14 machines. Before the introduction of such a plan, the machine needs to be evaluated first. The machine components are analyzed, and an assessment of wear, failure probability and resulting effects is made. Besides, experience from previous maintenance work is included. With this preventive and carefully scheduled maintenance, unexpected repairs should be a thing of the past. Next to a more stable production process, the demand for more precise documentation from inspection authorities such as the FDA or TÜV also plays a role. Thanks to the maintenance plan and detailed documentation, Roche can verify when and how which control or maintenance was carried out. Maintenance plans are documents designed for long-term use, consequently they are continuously optimized and adapted together with Harro Höfliger.


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