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Each year, needlestick injuries cause thousands of severe infections like HIV and hepatitis C. This primarily affects health care workers. Besides, the number of injections administered by patients themselves is increasing – inexperienced users are exposed to an increased risk of injury. In order to improve the safety of users and medical professional, regulatory bodies have increasingly introduced corresponding regulations and recommendations. Nemera designed and developed its premium add-on passive safety device, Safe’n’Sound®, with end-users in mind, based on human factor studies. Safe’n’Sound® is compatible with ISO pre-filled glass syringes which have a filling volume of either 1ml or 2,25ml. After the injection, the needle automatically springs back into the protective cover, thus preventing needle stick injuries.

  • After the injection, the needle automatically springs back into the protective cover.

    The Assembly Lab is particularly suitable in the early project stages for assembling the pre-filled syringes with the individual parts of Safe’n’Sound®. 

  • Safe’n’Sound® offers reliable protection against needlestick injuries.

    Since the beginning, Safe’n’Sound® was developed with the users in mind.

Turnkey solutions

The semi-automatic Assembly Lab by Harro Höfliger is particularly suitable for assembling pre-filled syringes with the individual parts of the safety device in the early project stages. This machine safely performs critical processes such as turning the plunger into the thread of the stopper. At the same time, a precise screw unit prevents the stopper from moving. Thanks to the quick and easy changeovers, it is not only possible to process different filling volumes, but also to assemble other devices such as auto-injectors and pens. All critical processes can be scaled up to fully automatic production machines - thus the Assembly Lab creates the ideal basis for a full-scale production of the drug-device combinations.




Nemera’s Safe’n’Sound®: Protection against needlestick injuries

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