Cyclops™: Low use of excipient

The Cyclops ™ is a user-friendly, single-use dry powder inhaler from the Dutch start-up PureIMS. It is used, for example, in the treatment of cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis, Parkinson's and anaphylaxis. The active ingredient is available as a powder and is administered with the patient‘s natural inhalation, without the aid of propellant gases. Thanks to the special dispersing technology, only few – in some cases even no – pharmaceutical auxiliaries are necessary in the formulations. This is possible without compromises on effectiveness, making it an ideal device for high-dose applications. Commercial drug formulations contain up to 95% lactose to improve the flowability and reproducibility of the dosage. Consequently, formulations without excipients - such as those used in the Cyclops - are poor-flowing and present a major challenge for the dosing procedure.

  • Bottom plate of the Cyclops™ dry powder inhaler during the inhalation process.

    The Cyclops™ is used in the treatment of cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis, Parkinson's and anaphylaxis, for example.

Scaled and automated processes

Initially, PureIMS carried out the entire powder filling process manually. Since these processes were very time-consuming, and the start-up preferred to invest the limited resources in the development of its product, they wanted to have the processes scaled and automated. Also, the dosage of the cohesive formulations should be reproducible. Harro Höfliger's versatile Omnidose dosing machine with roller filler technology offered a solution. Switching from the manual dosing to a semiautomatic filling process had originally not been possible with the Cyclops™ platform, however after extensive filling tests in the clean rooms at Harro Höfliger, the inhaler could be adapted and optimized for an ideal dispersion of the powder. By now, PureIMS have their own Cyclops™ machine for filling their inhalers.



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