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    Our in-house academy quickly establishes high practical relevance for both apprentices and students.

Acquiring trade knowledge and skills quickly

One of our principles is the high degree of practical relevance of our training programs – and this applies to all of our next-generation professionals. This is why the HH Academy is a mandatory program for trainees and university students alike. In the training workshop, our dedicated instructors convey the basic skills of metal processing to the students, as well as knowledge of electrical and control technology for mechanical engineering.

Every commercial apprentice goes through the HH Academy based on the training framework curricula defined by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and based on a step-by-step plan of main focus topics coordinated with the company. After a solid basic training with strong personal support, they are integrated into the relevant technical departments from the second year of training onwards, where they learn the necessary practical skills. By combining the training workshop with the revision services area of production, trainees are incorporated in the mechanical engineering process from the start.

  • A great deal of importance is placed on technical skill and quality consciousness during vocational training.


  • The instructors from various professions are available to support trainees and students with help and advice.


  • The precision and quality of the produced parts are critical aspects of the training to become an industrial mechanic (m/f/d).


  • Theoretical aspects of information technology at the Cooperative State University, practical work at the HH Academy.


  • Mechatronics technicians are trained to solve complex tasks. Our instructors prepare the next generation in the profession to do just that.

  • Milling is a skill that future cutting machine operators require. Our instructors show how this is done.

  • Close to ten percent of employees are still in training. Each one of them goes through the internal academy.


  • Our trainees learn technical skills from scratch at the Harro Höfliger Academy.



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