Production Order Manager

Rapid production planning with digital interfaces


For the organizing and planning of your production orders – whether for one type or many different variants - Production Order Manager offers you a maximum of security. Superseding paper-based production orders, the application transfers them digitally directly to the machine. Being a higher-level system, Production Order Manager manages different product variants and their corresponding input parameters and transmits them to the machine operator. For each specific product you can flexibly create a template storing the product parameters necessary for production.

To produce this type, you simply select the appropriate template: The preset parameters get automatically transferred to the HMI, and the machine operators receive all the information they need to prepare and execute production. Such a defined, easy-to-perfom release routine saves time and serves not only quality assurance but also error prevention. Additionally, the application recognizes dependencies within your product chain, thus ensuring smooth processes.

  • Efficient production planning by use of templates
  • Planning reliability through clear scheduling for product format changes
  • Visualization of dependencies within your production chain
  • Reduced risks when changing or introducing new products through a "Security by Design" approach
  • Assured production quality through digital transfer of product specifications directly to the machine
  • Transparency thanks to clear overview of all production orders
  • Transmission of the production order directly to the machine. Start of order activated by the machine operator
  • Production Order Manager: Digital organization of production

    Among other things, the Production Order Manager ensures a reliable alignment of the planning and production status.

  • Time saving through replicable production orders

    Existing production orders can be replicated and customized with the Production Order Manager.

  • Flexible preparation and adaptation of production orders

    Clearly structured user interfaces enable flexible preparation and editing of production orders.


You can customize templates to your requirements. A release management system ensures that only approved product configurations are produced.


Production Order Manager allows you to efficiently plan your production, based on individually preset templates. These templates contain all the necessary information, e.g. process parameters.


Due to the digital production order, the production operators have all information relevant for production in view, any time.


With Production Order Manager, you are always informed about the condition of each production in process.

Digital applications

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