Dosator TT

Cost efficient: Lab table unit for dosing and testing minimum quantities of powder (manually)


The Dosator TT is used in the lab during the development or design process of dosing formats for production. Even the smallest powder quantities (of approx. 500 mg or more) are sufficient for initial filling tests. The unit is intended for determining fill quantities by leveling the dosing piston, the powder bed and the position and diameter of the dosing piston.

  • Fast determination of product attributes
  • Precise design of size parts
  • Binding definition of processes and their parameters
  • Cost-effective production of sample caps
  • Reproducible, comparable trials
  • Can be retooled for tamping pins or dosing drum
  • Dosator TT – Reproducible tests for determining product attributes

    Easy determination of the optimum dosing method, dosing parameters and dosing formats: The Dosator TT is intended for capsule filling based on the lab standard.

Technical data
  • Dosing volume: 20 - 1,000 mm³
  • Dosing range: 10 - 500 mg
  • Particle size: 60 - 150 µm
  • Residual amount: approx. 150 ml
  • Output: approx. 5 dosings/min.*

* Depending on product and operator

Final products
  • Capsules
  • Vials
  • Stainless steel vials

Machine features


Various dosing methods allows the dosing of minimal quantities of powder. Depending on the individual powder properties different filling methods such as membrane filling, tamping pin, dosator or drum filling are applicable.

Filling capsules

Various systems for capsule filling allow the dosing of powders, pellets, tablets, mini tablets, powder blends, active ingredients or liquids. It is even possible to dose capsules into capsules.

Filling the reservoir

The powder filling module can be equipped with a drum filler or with a membrane filler. The drum filler produces partially filled cavities whereas membrane filler is filling the blister cavity to 100%.

Filling blisters

The powder filling module of the Pipette TT allows blisters for DPI inhalers to be filled with active ingredient powder.

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