MicroVibe Lab

Table top device for dosing of pharmaceutical powders


The semi-automatic table top device MicroVibe Lab doses powder quantities from 1 mg up to the maximum filling quantity into capsules. The system can be easily and quickly adapted to the desired weight and the powder properties – no matter whether free-flowing or cohesive powders are to be filled. It enables efficient processing of small powder quantities and provides a wide range of subsequent analysis options. Thus, it is ideally suited for use in development. 

  • Careful handling – minimal residual powder quantity
  • Monitoring of powder filling capability during development
  • Simple cleaning thanks to the small number of format parts
  • Aseptic dosing as an option
  • Device for labs and galenics: MicroVibe for microdosing powder

    MicroVibe Lab is a dosing unit for producing dosing samples in pharmaceutical development.

MicroVibe Trolley

Automated handling in the capsule filling machine Modu-C LS


MicroVibe is also available as a dosing trolley which is integrated into the capsule filling machine Modu-C LS. The trolley system makes it easy to change the dosing method. While the MicroVibe trolley is used during development, other dosing systems (for example drum filler or tamping pin) can be easily inserted into the same capsule filling machine for later commerical production.  

  • Fully automated dosing with highest accuracy into up to 600 capsules/hour (based on "fill-to-weight" principle), also under containment conditions
  • Automated empty capsule feeding, separation, dosing, sorting and ejection
  • Documentation of all necessary information via HMI
  • Simple handling and cleaning
  • Flexible integration

    As a trolley, the MicroVibe dosing system can be easily inserted into the capsule filling machine Modu-C LS.

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