Sterile: Trolley system for aseptic filling of differently sized bags (semiautomatic)


VarioSys offers the ability to rapidly change processes for aseptic filling and closing of IV bags for the SKAN standard isolator PSI-L. The trolleys are equipped with nitrogen or argon rinsing, integrated evacuation, gassing, CIP-SIP capability and temperature monitoring. VarioSys is a highly flexible isolator solution for small batches as well as laboratory use.

  • Aseptic production (Class A) in a clean room even of toxic products
  • One isolator, many options – can also be replaced with Bausch+Ströbel trolleys
  • Expandable with VarioSys system modules
  • Easy “lock and key” production change
  • Different closing technologies possible
  • Optional closing station for semiautomatic port setting
Filling system for liquids in the SKAN isolator

VarioSys® is a trolley-based, aseptic filling system for liquid in bags in the SKAN standard PSI-L isolator

Trolley with liquid dosing unit

Flexible trolley system for easy and rapid replacement of dosing processes

Liquid dosing unit for SKAN isolator

Liquid dosing in GMP-compliant design for aseptic filling

Liquid filling of bags

Exact filling of liquid in bags under aseptic conditions

Technical data
  • Output: depending on operator
  • Compressed air: 2 m3/h (500 ml) – with retractive suction
  • Compressed air: 1 m3/h (500 ml) – without retractive suction
  • Dosing accuracy: 50 ml ± 1.5% up to 5,000 ml ± 0.3%
Final products
  • IV bags
  • Infusion bags
  • Robot handling / pipetting
  • Aseptic web processing
  • Customized solutions

Machine features

Liquid dosing is used in the Harro Höfliger pharmaceutical and medical production platforms.

Liquid dosing

Dosing systems for liquids are used in the form of modules in pharmaceutical and medical production platforms at Harro Höfliger. This way, custom project requirements can be tailored as needed. The systems can be variably adapted to the defined performance specifications.

Medical products that consist of multiple components can be produced by way of assembly processes such as bonding and welding on Harro Höfliger assembly machines.

Assembly and connection

Bonded parts with irregular connection geometries can be permanently attached using ultrasonic welding technology. The laser welding method is ideal for fast, precise connections.

Exchanging the dosing method by changing out the trolley: Short setup times and fast cleaning for efficiently producing pharmaceuticals.

Trolley concept

The patented dosing trolley system allows the operator to quickly change the dosing method: Whether powder, pellets, tablets, micro-tablets or liquid – the next dosing process is already set up. Short setup times, fast cleaning, maximum productivity. Plug-and-play options for the process change.

Aseptic solutions contain a germ-free environment with barrier technology and sterile packaging.

Aseptic solutions

Aseptic solutions require an aseptic environment and aseptic packaging. The germ-free environment is guaranteed with barrier technology. Sterilization gas in the machine ensures a germ-free production and sterile packaging.

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