Film filling & sealing

From the lab machine to series production

We offer a variety of machine concepts for producing portion packs. The engineering of our production machines is based on a wide spectrum of processes and machine technology. Our machines operate effectively at a high level of process reliability, with a maximum yield, and low production costs. This applies both to the semi-automatic and clocked lab machines, as well as to fully automatic machines with continuous processes. All machines can be individually designed for your requirements.

  • Standard processes for fast basic configuration
  • Customized with product specific adaptations
  • Modular design for fast format change and production of variants
  • Clearly arranged balcony structure with separate areas for production, supply and drive train
  • Simple, well thought out and coherent operating concept
  • Turnkey solutions with synchronized, universal interfaces
  • 100% inspection with in-line inspection systems


Sterile packing of medical products such as suture material

Among other things, surgical suture material can be packaged with the PFM-KV.

Two component detergent dosing

Liquid dosing of two detergent components

Portion packs are output from the machine

Output of finished two chamber portion packs

Sealing portion packs

Format plates with filled portion chambers and cover film during transport to the sealing station




Production machine for aluminum blister packs (intermittent)



The flexible batch series machine for producing single or multi-chamber products (intermittent)



Production machine for manufacturing portion packs (continuous)

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