Highly precise: The high-speed capsule weighing system for quality assurance in production


In the Modu-C family of products, Accura-C is representative of a high performance quality inspection. The capsule weighing system weighs pharmaceutical capsules gently, precisely and quickly. Bad capsules are sorted out with a high level of process reliability. Linked with a capsule filling machine, the filling weight can be regulated automatically per feedback loop.

  • Easy in-line connection (even to capsule filling machines of other manufacturers)
  • Increased production with feedback loop on the dosing system
  • Highly precise weighing results with integrated vibration compensation
  • "PRP function (person reduced production)
  • Calibration bar to detect deformed capsules, exhaust function for deformed capsules"
  • Extremely high process reliability with the use of several control units
  • Minimal setup and cleaning times
  • Kapseln hochpräzise Verwiegen mit der Kapsel-Kontrollmaschine Accura-C

    Accura-C - precise weighing system for pharmaceutical capsule production

    Highly precise capsule weighing system for empty and filled capsules for quality assurance during production.

  • Kapseln sortieren bei der Zuführung zur Wägezelle

    Accura-C - capsule inspection with gentle product handling during sorting

    The clear and clean structure of the inspection machine ensures best insight into the processes. A critical aspect during the capsule sorting process and feeding to the weighing cell is the gentle handling of the product.

  • Pharmazeutische Kapseln verwiegen

    Accura-C - measuring capsules with highly precise weighing cells

    Precise and high performance weighing guarantees a reliable inspection in the production of pharmaceutical capsules.

Technical data
  • Output: Up to 200,000 capsules/h
  • Formats: All common capsule sizes
  • Measuring range: 0 – 2,000 mg
  • Measuring accuracy: ± 2 mg
Final products
  • 100% weighed capsules

Machine features

Feeback loop

The Feedback Loop provides the option to run an automatic trend regulation of the fill weight where there is a line link between the capsule weight machine Accura-C and the capsule filling machine Modu-C.

Peripheral network

Standard interfaces (MES, ActiveDirectory, OPC, …) allow the customer-specific peripherals to communicated with the IT network of the Harro Höfliger systems.

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