Handle with care: The fast bottle cartoning machine for the beverage industry (continuous)


With its special “air frame” folding box opening system, KMF gently and safely processes boxes with challenging profiles, finished surfaces and thick material. The bottles are carefully turned on their side and continuously inserted into the folding boxes. The boxes are then closed with a tuck-in or glue option.

  • Solid construction – designed for continuous operation
  • High output
  • Fast and easy format change
  • Parts that contact the product are made of wear resistant materials
  • Safe and gentle folding box and bottle handling
  • Protective sleeves can be processed as well
  • KMF – horizontal cartoning machines for bottle packaging

    Horizontal KMF packaging machine for cartoning beverage bottles.

  • KMF – bottle feed into the cartoning machine

    Liquor bottles are fed to the packaging machine via star wheels and turned gently.

  • KMF – inserting bottles horizontally into folding boxes

    Insertion device transports bottles horizontally into the upright folding boxes.

  • KMF – erecting and discharging the packaged beverage bottles

    Gently positioning the filled folding box upright and discharging it out of the packaging machine.

Technical data
  • Output: up to 300 bottles/min.
  • Weight: approx. 7,000 kg
  • Air consumption: 20 NL/min.
  • Bottle format: 0.3 l-1.5 l
Final products
  • Spirits
  • Champagne
  • Fine beverage packagings
  • Fully-automated loading system
  • Feedscrew
  • Oval motion with feed star
  • Control systems
  • Packaging machines for shipping boxes

Machine features

Bottle supply

Feeding bottles at high speeds requires a precisely tuned motion sequence. For the cartoning process, bottles are separated. Bottle handling must be executed carefully to prevent the bottle from breaking.

Air Frame

Air flow in the opening process assists the mechanical process of opening folding boxes. This process enables the gentle forced opening of the packaging material even at high speeds. Refined folding boxes for the beverages industry, for example, can be optimally processed this way.

Gentle turning

During high speed cartoning of bottles, gentle handling of breakable products is a key process. Especially developed turning processes – a combination of star wheel and guides – makes the automated processing of bottles possible.


All common cartoning closing methods are used in Harro Höfliger packaging machines. Whether closing the box with carton flaps, by applying an adhesive, by placing a cover on it or with sealing wax. The Höfliger experts can even find the ideal technical solution for custom special closing methods.

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