Productive: The flexible cartoning machine with high output (continuous)


The cartoner can be equipped with different infeed systems. The standard modules are then complemented by customised solutions, which enable you to load the MKC with the product of your choice. The continuous pull-out infeed at the rear allows for the flat machine front and it also provides optimum accessibility for the operator. The MKC can be operated as a stand-alone machine or integrated into a packaging line. Due to the availability of different modules for product infeed, the product transport, product insertion and carton closure, the machine can be perfectly configured according to customer requests.

  • Highest flexibility as a result of modular design for solutions tailored specifically to customer needs.
  • Ease of use with movable touch panel and state-of-the-art visualization technology, low construction and ergonomic machine design for optimal accessibility.
  • Ideal range of applications with highly dynamic servo drives and overload protection at all safety-relevant machine functions.
  • Set-up of all common folding box closure variants in large format range (adjustment options with reproducible settings) and
  • customized closure options, plus up to two closure variants on one machine
  • Ability to add on various feeding systems and to expand the system with serializing functions
  • Ergonomic machine design, low construction: MKC cartoning machine

    Ease of use with low construction and flat machine front. The ergonomic design of the machine offers optimum accessibility to the production and controls area.

  • MKC – the packaging machine of tomorrow

    Crystal clear design – the packaging machine of tomorrow for the product needs of today.

  • MKC – packaging coffee capsules in folding boxes

    Coffee capsules are prepared for insertion into folding boxes in a perfect row.

  • MKC – product handling with vacuum grippers in the packaging process

    A good handle on pharmaceutical products: Pick-and-place handling when synchronizing injection pens into the packaging chain.

  • MKC – dynamics when cycloids deliver products during packaging

    Dynamic rotation: Delivering product with precision and speed with cycloids.

  • MKC – removing, actively opening and delivering folding boxes

    A good handle on things – a proven system that actively opens folding boxes and delivers them into the folding box chain removes folding box blanks.

  • MKC – continuous product insertion during cartoning

    Continuous insertion of package inserts into folding boxes.

  • MKC – erection of folding boxes

    Precision and speed: Erecting folding boxes.

Technical data
  • Output MKC 200: up to 200 folding boxes/min.
  • Output MKC 250: up to 250 folding boxes/min.
Final products
  • Bottles
  • Pouches
  • Blisters
  • Dressing and Patches
  • Vials
  • Customized solutions
  • Assembly systems
  • Web processing machines
  • Film forming machines
  • Dosing and filling machines
  • Inspection systems
  • Serialization

Machine features

Product feeding

Product feeding plays a critical role in packaging machines. Harro Höfliger has a large repertoire of product handling systems. The feeding technology is configured individually depending on the requirements of the project and adjusted to the particular specifications.

Bottle supply

Feeding bottles at high speeds requires a precisely tuned motion sequence. For the cartoning process, bottles are separated and a pocket wheel rotates them from standing to laying position. This process must be executed sensitively to prevent the bottle from breaking.


Products are automatically taken up using vacs, grippers or tongs and accurately transferred. This can be performed in a linear or swivel movement. To increase the output, these systems can be set up at multiple locations so as to perform loading and unloading tasks at the same time.


Our packaging machines can be easily equipped with serializing processes for the benefit of quality assurance and to increase protection from counterfeiting medicine. In the process, folding boxes are each marked individually and recorded by an image inspection system.

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