Large format: The cartoning machine especially for large folding boxes (intermittent)


The MKL cartoner was developed especially for large format folding boxes. High or instable product stacks require customized feeding and insert systems, so that packaged goods arrive reliably in the box. MKL's folding box transport and closure systems are set up so that even square packaging can be closed correctly.

  • Modern, robust construction in GMP-appropriate design.
  • Reliable folding boxes removal system
  • Rapid size changes with reproducible settings
  • Set-up of all current market folding box closing variants as well as customized closing options
  • Easy and clearly organized machine operation
  • Highest flexibility with highly dynamic servo drives
  • MKL – cartoning machine especially for large-format folding boxes

    Packaging line for packing double bags into folding boxes.

  • MKL – stacking unit in horizontal cartoning unit

    Stacking double bags for filling folding boxes.

  • MKL – stacking handling in horizontal cartoning unit

    Inserting double bag stacks into the folding boxes.

  • MKL – feeding and grouping products

    Patch packs are fed and grouped for packaging.

  • MKL – inserting grouped products into folding boxes

    Inserting the grouped patch packs into folding boxes.

  • Feeding technology
  • Packaging machines for shipping boxes
  • Inspection systems
  • Labeling
  • Serializing

Machine features

Product feeding

Product feeding plays a critical role in packaging machines. Harro Höfliger has a large repertoire of product handling systems. The feeding technology is configured individually depending on the requirements of the project and adjusted to the particular specifications.

Horizontal cartoning

Cartoning with our packaging machines features reliable, active opening of folding boxes even for demanding cross-sections, reliable processes when inserting product and package insert, and sophisticated technology for customized folding box closing options.


The ability to form stacks trouble-free with a precisely defined number of products per stack is absolutely essential. The cascade feeder compensates for differences in the packing height and is also suitable for components that are hard to grip.

Puck system

Machines can be connected to one another by way of a puck system. Loading and unloading occurs independently from the other, which disconnects the machines. Depending on the line, the system can assume buffer functions, which efficiently offsets production fluctuations.


Secure cartoning of double bags

Klocke Pharma-Service and Harro Höfliger have been cooperating for close to a quarter of a century. Just a few months ago, both companies implemented the third system for packaging double bags.

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