Comfortable: quality assurance, marking and tamper-proof packaging in a single machine


The Modular Quality System (MQS) is the ideal add-on component for your Harro Höfliger packaging line. All quality-relevant functions with regard to individual coding, labeling and protection against counterfeiting can be integrated in this modular platform. Of course, all applications are monitored by means of vision systems or sensors. This way, MQS combines all requirements for serialization and Unique Device Identification (UDI) in one machine.

  • Space-saving installation area
  • Consistent "look and feel" in design, operating logic and documentation
  • Precise and reliable product transport
  • Format changeover is simple, fast and without any tools
  • Fully integrated weighing cell
  • Flexible integration of standard coding and camera systems
  • Video

    As a complement to your Harro Höfliger packaging line, MQS offers quality control, labeling, serialization and tamper-evident closure in one machine.

  • MQS – Checkweigher

    Weighing ensures that the carton has been filled correctly. Incorrectly filled cartons will not be further processed and are removed by MQS.

  • MQS – Printing

    Integrated printing and coding systems for two-sided, individual printing of cartons enable serialization and Unique Device Identification (UDI).

  • MQS – Labeling

    Application of labels, vignettes or Bollini labels. Tamper-Evident labels can be applied using an additional station.

  • MQS – Camera control

    Several cameras monitor and verify the printing and correct application of the labels.

Technical data
  • Output: 300 products/min
  • Format range: 5" and 7,5"

Machine features


Integrated weighing cell for 100% weight control to check the presence of the product. Incorrectly filled cartons are marked in the system. They will not be further processed and are removed at the end of MQS.


Our MQS can be easily equipped with serializing processes for the benefit of quality assurance and to increase protection from counterfeiting medicine. In the process, folding boxes are each marked individually and monitored by an image inspection system.


Multi-line systems enable coding of up to 300 cartons/min on both sides. In addition, the carton can be provided with a label.

Tamper-evident closure

Application of a tamper-evident seal increases protection against manipulation and counterfeiting.

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