Horizontal: The sealing edge bagging machine for four-edge sealing bags (continuous)


The rotation sealing machine PMK 4SS packages products in medical four-edge sealing bags. It reaches a yield of 400 bags/min, at a maximum sealing speed of 50 m/min. As a free-standing bag packaging unit, it can be quickly, reliably and reproducibly retrofitted for various bag sizes.

  • Modern balcony structure for optimum accessibility and maximum operator comfort
  • Width and separation of the feeding can be adjusted without tools
  • Fast and easy format adjustment (without format parts)
  • Can be operated as free-standing sealing machine or integrated into a production line
  • Crease-free sealing results
  • Easy qualification by optimal distribution of the sealing temperature and sealing pressure
  • PMK 4SS – Bag packaging machine for producing four-edge sealing bags

    Rotation sealing machine for producing four-edge sealing bags based on the PMK web processing platform.

  • PMK 4SS – Longitudinal sealing with rotative sealing stations

    Rotative sealing stations for continuous longitudinal sealing.

  • PMK 4SS – Simple and fast format adjustment without format parts

    Easy format change with plug-in carriers and infinitely variable lateral adjustment.

Technical data
  • Output: up to 50 m/min. Hot sealing or up to 400 products/min. (depending on sealing material)
  • Web width: from 75 - 400 mm, special design up to 500 mm
  • Configuration: single track
Final products
  • Four-edge sealing bag
  • Packaging machines
  • Labeling systems
  • Control systems

Machine features

Aseptic bagging

Product packaging in bags plays an important role in product protection and in ensuring sterility. Sophisticated sealing and cutting components guarantee a high performance packaging process – from small to large format applications.

In-line printing

Products can be coded at various positions during the process. Film components or bag webs are printed with a batch code or information about the product quality. Harro Höfliger uses the popular systems thermotransfer, Inkjet or laser.


Sealing is one of the central processes when connecting several product layers. We apply several technologies for this process. Depending on the material characteristics, we use such applications as platen sealing, roller sealing (hot and cold), pulse sealing, ultrasonic sealing or thermal sealing.

Camera inspection

Position and location accuracy, products in the sealing area, color deviations, damage or soiling to the detection of particles using sensor technology: Powerful camera systems are essential in quality inspection.

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