Twice packaged: Double bagging machines for tubs with all around product protection (intermittent)


The TBS double bagging machine packages sealed tubs with RTF syringes or RTF vials in bags. In the interior of the packaging machine, the prepared bags are opened, the tubs are inserted and the bags are then tightly sealed. If required, this process can be repeated with a second bag of the same size.

  • Low-particulate process technology
  • Double bagging with only one bag format
  • Transferring the sealed tubs to the upstream machine
  • Compact design
  • Three performance classes: Low Speed (LS), Mid Speed (MS), High Speed (HS)
  • TBS – Double bagging machine for tubs

    Bagging machines for packaging of sealed tubs.

  • TBS – Open bag and insert tub

    Inserting tubs into open bag.

  • TBS – Double bagging of packed tubs

    Inserting the tub packaged in a bag into the outer bag of the same size.

Technical data
  • Output: 4 single-bagged tubs/min.
  • 3 double-bagged tubs/min.
  • Clean room class: Machine is operated in ISO 7
Final products
  • RTF syringes
  • RTF vials
  • Packaging machines
  • Labeling systems
  • Control systems

Machine features

Aseptic solutions

Aseptic solutions require an aseptic environment and aseptic packaging. The germ-free environment is guaranteed with barrier technology. Sterilization gas in the machine ensures a germ-free production and sterile packaging.

Tub handling

Vertically stacked tubs, sealed with Tyvek, are fed to the machine via linear transport. Inside the machine, a mechanical sliding system inserts the tubs into open bags.

Aseptic bagging

Product packaging in aseptic bags plays an important role in product protection and in ensuring sterility. Sophisticated sealing and cutting components guarantee a high performance packaging process – from small to large format applications.

Bag feeding

The bag feeding process regulates how bags are removed from the stack in the bagging machine, how they are drawn into the machine and how that are furnished for the subsequent filling process.

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