Modular technology for customized applications

Our team of engineers develops customized solutions for an efficient pre-assembly of product subgroups as well as final assembly of your pharmaceutical and medical products using our assembly platform and proven process modules as a basis. We are here to support you from device development to semi-automatic manufacturing, from the production of clinical samples and even to fully-automatic production equipment.

  • Assembly movements at high speeds
  • Machines with high yield
  • Complex movement profiles
  • Smooth processes
  • Long life-cycles with low energy consumption
  • Minimum maintenance


  • Injektor-Pens zuführen

    MOT – feeding technology and product handling of injector components

    Feeding injector components into the product mounts of the oval motion unit.

  • DPI-Inhalatoren im Ovalläufer mit Kappen verschließen

    MOT – assembly of DPI inhalers and positioning the end caps

    Capping in an assembly machine for dry powder inhalers.

  • Diagnostik-Produktionsmaschine mit Rundläufer MRT

    MRT – round motion unit for filling and closing PRC diagnostic test strips

    Machine for filling and closing diagnostics strips based on the MRT round motion unit.

  • Sensoren zur Kontrolle bei der Inhalator-Montage

    MRT – inhaler assembly with IPC inspection system to inspect the spray jet

    Sensor technology for functions testing and spray jet inspection during the inhaler assembly.

  • Autoinjektoren montieren per Längstransport

    MLT – longitudinal transport platform for assembling autoinjectors

    Assembling autoinjectors made of several components.

  • Inhalatoren befüllen und zusammenfügen

    MLT – longitudinal transport platform for filling and joining inhalers

    Filling and joining inhalers.

  • Assembly Lab – manual feeding of individual components

    In the left part of the machine the components of the pen or auto-injector are feeded manually.

  • Assembly Lab – Assembly and control

    In the right part of the machine the components are automatically assembled according to manufacturer's specifications and procedures. While doing this, process data is empirically determinated to optimize acceleration values and joining speeds.



Round motion machines: Platform for fast and space saving production



Longitudinal transport: platform with linear motion system for complex assembly tasks



Oval motion machine: Platform for more complex assembly tasks



Flexible transport system: Assembly technology with high degree of freedom

Assembly Lab

Assembly Lab

Semi-automatic assembly of pens and auto-injectors



Automated, flexible assembly machine for labs and small batches

TS Tray Handling System

TS Tray Handling System

Reliable provision of components from trays

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