UTW 20

Fully automatic winding machine for surgical suture material


The UTW 20 winding machine packages surgical suture material in trays in a fully automated process. The patented gripper system feeds the needle to the tray, after which it is fixed in the needle park and the thread is quickly and precisely wound. Highly sophisticated technologies and individually coordinated steps ensure perfectly filled trays. 

  • Processing of a wide variety of needle-suture combinations
  • Fully automated feeding of trays and paper lids
  • Inline printing of batch data
  • Flexible HMI
  • Optional perfect adaptation to the sterilization process via magazines
  • Patented thread feeding
  • The UTW 20 ensures fully automatic winding during the production of surgical sutures

    UTW 20 – Fully automatic winding machine for surgical suture material.

  • Transporting the surgical needle with the gripper system

    The gripper system feeds the needle to the tray.

  • Fixing the needle in the needle park of the tray

    The needle is fixed in the tray’s needle park.

  • Controlled winding of the thread

    The thread is wound into the tray in a controlled manner.

Technical data
  • Output: Up to 20 products/min.



Feeding of the trays takes place in an automated process, which includes verification of product presence and orientation. The needles are picked up by a patented gripper system and precisely fixed in the tray’s needle park.


The paper lids (for the trays) are fed in an automated process in the UTW 20 and printed inline in accordance with the customer’s wishes. Then the two components are ultrasonically sealed, which provides a secure cover for the tray and protects the suture material.


After the needle is inserted, the thread is wound in a controlled manner. A specially developed SCA (Suture Control Arm) ensures the necessary precision during the winding process. The servo motor drive enables simple format changeover.

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