Quality control

Guaranteed process quality thanks to camera systems and precise measurement technology.

Start-to-finish inspection for maximum product quality

Highly sophisticated sensor, weighing and camera technology as well as X-ray technology are employed in product production and packaging to ensure the required high quality. These systems verify smooth feeding, gentle transport in the machinery, exact dosing, precise assembly processes, correct marking, reliable rejection of bad parts and much more. According to the requirements, we combine our many mature technologies into a harmonious overall solution integrated into Harro Höfliger's easy-to-use HMI. Where needed, we conduct feasibility analyses in advance to determine the most suitable inspection system.


  • As-needed integration of our own and all standard commercial industrial systems
  • All physical measurement principles up to and including modern X-ray technology
  • Seamless inspection during production (IPC)
  • Short inspection times for high-speed production
  • Format-independent inspection systems
  • Sensor technology for tasks such as force measurement in assembly processes and for weight inspection

Our expertise


Sensor technology

The sensors perform a range of duties, from simple use for presence monitoring, height or distance measurement and procedures for fill level inspection to customized sensor technology. They are equally capable of analyzing surfaces and colors and testing for gases.


Weighing technology

We integrate high-precision gravimetric weighing technology into your systems to inspect every product. Seamless information on the weighing process, for example in filling processes or to verify product presence, and statistical assessment come standard.


Camera systems

Depending on the inspection task, we rely on a variety of hardware and software solutions: Optical sensors, PC-based image processing systems, line cameras, intelligent camera systems and 3D laser profilers. Custom lighting designs ensures optimal detection of the characteristics being tested.

Sensor technology: Height tape measure with laser technology

Height tape measure of inhaler cartridges with laser tape measure – fast measuring times with an accuracy of 5 µm.

Detecting the position with sensors

Checking the components’ position during inhaler assembly using visual sensors

Checking the presence of inhalers with sensors

Presence monitoring during product handling within an assembly machine for DPI inhalers

Weight inspection of powder, tablets, capsules and pellets during dosing

VisioAMV sensor: Non-destructive recording of weights during dosing for fastest process analysis with up to 1,000 measurements a minute

Checking the powder dosing with the weighing process

Weighing inhaler reservoirs to inspect the powder filling

Weighing inhalers after they have been filled to determine the weight

Weight determination of inhalers before (bottom left) and after (bottom right) powder filling

Checking the printed code with cameras

Camera inspection of the printed code

Checking injectors using cameras

Checking the injectors during assembly and recording the counter status

Checking the sealing of bags with cameras

Inspecting the sealing edge when bagging pharmaceutical products

Integrating camera inspection into the machine’s user interface

Highly developed image processing systems can be fully integrated into the IT network of the assembly and packaging machines and can be analyzed both on the HMI user interface as well as with specific analysis software.

Verifying the inhaler counter status in the assembly machine with the camera system

Using camera technology to determine the counter of DPI inhalers

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