Modu-C LS

Precision at low speed: The reliable capsule filling machine for labs and small batches


Modu-C LS was designed for testing new active ingredients, for test runs and for small batch and pilot series production. The patented trolley system allows a rapid change of the dosing systems. The machine is impressive in that it processes material efficiently, even for minimum residual product quantities. It doses powder starting at a fill volume of less than 1 mg. It is also available as the Modu-C LS IPK variant with integrated 100% gross/net weighing unit.

  • Flexibly expandable with the patented dosing trolley system
  • PRP function (person reduced production)
  • Calibration bar to detect deformed capsules, exhaust function of deformed capsules, differential pressure measurement to inspect the presence of capsule bottoms, capsule closure inspection and single elimination of bad capsules.
  • Minimum setup time
  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • Minimum product loss with no-cap-no-fill function
  • Supported by Pharma Service
Modu-C LS capsule filling machine

Modu-C LS is a machine for the flexible production of capsule products in a compact design suitable for pharmaceutical applications.

Trolley change on the Modu-C LS

The effort required to change the dosing method is limited on the Modu-C to switching out a trolley. Especially when testing new active ingredients, during test runs or in the production of small batches and pilot series, the ability to quickly change to a suitable dosing system is of great benefit.

Liquid filling on the trolley

Replaceable trolley with dosing process for liquid filling

Modu-C LS capsule filling machine with tablet dosing

Example: format-free tablet dosing. The tablets are drawn in with a vacuum suction wheel and positioned and delivered to the capsule bottom.

Filling station with capsule mounting point

Patented solution: During each cycle, the Modu-C moves three capsule segments around the round motion unit. Sensors detect whether the capsule top and bottom are present and skip the dosing processes for the relevant cycle if a capsule is missing.

Technical data
  • Output: Up to 25,000 capsules/h
  • Formats: All common capsule sizes
  • Dosing units: Roller, pipette, tamping station, pellet, tablet, micro-tablet, capsule-in-capsule and liquid
Final products
  • Test phase during product development
  • Test material for clinical studies
  • Blinding of tables, capsules and soft capsules
  • Double blinding
  • Small batch production of capsules for combination and single doses
  • Empty capsule feeding (Convey-C)
  • Customized product feed
  • In-line and online weight determination: Static gross/net inspection, 100% gross/net inspection, 100% net inspection via capacitive VisioAMV sensor for minimal quantities dosing
  • Capsule dedusting
  • Metal detector
  • Recycling solution for recycling raw materials (RecyCap)

Machine features

Exchanging the dosing method by changing out the trolley: Short setup times and fast cleaning for efficiently producing pharmaceuticals.

Trolley concept

The patented dosing trolley system allows the operator to quickly change the dosing method: Whether powder, pellets, tablets, micro-tablets or liquid – the next dosing process is already set up. Short setup times, fast cleaning, maximum productivity. Plug-and-play options for the process change.

Process analysis during dosing serves as quality assurance when processing powders and other solid ingredients.

Capacitive weight inspection

Fastest process analytics through mass acquisition: The mass-specific VisioAMV sensor allows for 100% inspection during the dosing of powders, tablets, capsules, pellets and other solid formulations. The PAT method is independent of the target vessel.

Filling pharmaceutical solid ingredients in capsules requires precise dosing methods. A combination of up to three products is possible per capsule.

Combination filling

Various dosing systems allow combination fillings with up to three products such as powders, pellets, tablets, micro-tablets, powder blends, active ingredients or liquids. It is even possible to fill capsules into capsules.

The customer’s peripherals can be connected to the Harro Höfliger machines using standard network interfaces.

Peripheral network

Standard interfaces (MES, ActiveDirectory, OPC, …) allow the customer-specific peripherals to communicated with the IT network of the Harro Höfliger systems.

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