Economical: The solution for recycling product in shortfall batches


For shortfall batches or blocked production batches, products can be effectively recovered. With the aid of the RecyCap system, capsules are separated from the fill medium. This allows the recovered content to be reprocessed.

  • Mobile standalone unit
  • Reduction of the cost of scrap
  • Very easy to operate
  • Minor cleaning effort
  • Does not need much space
  • Extremely low maintenance
RecyCap for separating product and capsule

Compact design: Rapid and easy access to machine components and the product. The RecyCap system is compatible with all products in the Modu-C family of products.

RecyCap capsule feeding for recycling product and capsule

Recycling capsule content of faulty batches or for blocked production batches. The filled capsules are opened in the machine and separated with a sieving unit.

RecyCap separating capsules and product

Capsules and products are output after being separated into separate containers. The product can then be fed back to the production circuit.

Technical data
  • Output: 85 cycles/min = 61,200 capsules/h.
  • Formats: 0, 1, 2 – other sizes upon request

Machine features

Active pharmaceutical ingredients can be recycled from defectively produced capsules and be fed back to the dosing process.

Gentle product recycling

Products can be effectively recycled with RecyCap. The system is compatible with all products in the Modu-C family of products. It can be operated with installed product tanks or for continuous use with two outlet pipes.

Thanks to the individually adjustable capsule feeding, even special sized capsules can be processed.

Customized capsule feeding

Depending on the needs, capsule feeding can be adjusted individually to customer-specific formats and special sizes.

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