Oval motion machine: Platform for more complex assembly tasks with filling processes (intermittent)


Numerous processes can be integrated on the FOT oval motion machine platform. In addition to assembly and inspection processes, the assembly machine can be expanded to include dosing stations for powder, pellets or liquids, etc. So, even more complex pharmaceutical products with a large number of individual parts can be assembled – especially reservoir DPIs. Barrier technology allows for the use of a clean room.

  • Standardized platform to integrated technologies and processes
  • Precise product transport with high cycle rates
  • Ideal for products made of a large number of individual parts with complex processes and a dense sequence of assembly steps, inspections and dosages.
  • Compact design with minimal set-up space
  • Easy to link to other technology platforms and packaging machines
Assembly and filling of DPI inhalers

Powder filling and assembly system with oval motion machine based on the FOT machine platform.

Diagram of the oval motion unit of the FOT DPI machine

Numerous processes can be integrated on the FOT oval motion unit platform to assemble, fill, inspect and label pharmaceutical devices.

Handling of DPI inhaler of products

Product handling: Inserting pre-assembled DPI inhalers into the product mounts of the oval motion unit.

Final assembly of DPI inhalers

Setting the end caps onto the assembled and filled DPI inhalers.

Technical data
  • Output: up to 60 cycles/min
  • Stations: 12-50
  • Exception: 1 to 8 grooves
  • Clean room design option: Clean room class 100,000-1,000
Final products
  • Inhalers with powder reservoirs
  • Feeding technology
  • Tray loader
  • Assembly machines
  • Packaging machines

Machine features

Tools such as vacs, grippers or tongs are used to handle components when assembling inhalers in DPI machines.


Components are automatically taken out using vacs, grippers or tongs and accurately transferred. This can be performed in a linear or swivel movement. To increase the output, these systems can be set up at multiple locations so as to perform loading and unloading tasks at the same time.

A dosing machine fills inhaler reservoirs with powder.

Reservoir filling

Some dry powder inhalers include a powder reservoir for a pre-defined number of dosages. Generally, the defined quantity of active ingredients is filled using an auger filler. Several filling spaces can be integrated to increase the output.

During the final assembly of inhalers, what is important is that components and the reservoirs or cartridges with dry powder are handled gently and joined reliably.

Final assembly

Joining technology is one of the basic processes for completing assembly groups. Highly precise processes and gentle handling are perquisites to ensuring that components are reliably joined. Inspection and measuring systems guarantee the highest possible quality, even at high speeds.

Barrier technology protects the product from contamination and the user from coming into contact with active ingredients.

Barrier technology

Compact machine design and detailed knowledge of all processes makes Harro Höfliger a specialist in containment and barrier systems that serve to protect both the operator and the product. For ideal accessibility, ergonomic studies are performed that simulate all processes and operating steps.

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