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Discover the possibilites you have with us as your partner – from laboratory to high-performance production.

"Your product defines the process"

„Your product defines the process“ is one of Harro Höfliger’s principles. The more innovative or unusual your individual product or product idea is, the more creatively we approach process development with a view to possible automation. Our expertise in finding solutions is based on many years of experience with pharmaceutical, medical technology and consumer products as well as on purposeful research and development.

One of the greatest benefits we offer is a broad base of core technologies, for example for dosing, assembly and web processing applications, which we combine and tailor to your individual product. A systematically structured portfolio of easily upscalable test machines and modules ensures a seamless transition from the laboratory phase to market launch.

Discover the possibilites you have with us as your partner – from laboratory to high-performance production.


  • Proven technologies and platforms for a multitude of products
  • Entire turnkey solutions up to product packaging possible
  • Short time-to-market thanks to support in product development
  • Consistent scaling from test setup to production
  • Support from our services such as Pharma Services, Engineering and Innovation Services (EIS), Device Services and Validation Services

Our expertise

Medical technology products require assembly processes performed with special care in order to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the products.


Based on our assembly platforms and proven process modules, we develop individual solutions for the pre-fabrication of subassemblies and the final assembly of your product. We support you from device development and semi-automatic production all the way to fully automatic production systems.

Know-how Micro-dosing Free-flowing Cohesive Minimum Quantities


The flawless, precise filling of products is mainly based on the selection of the most suitable dosing method. We offer dosing systems for both liquids and solids (powders, granules, pellets, lyophilisates). One of our focal points is the microdosing of powders.

We accompany you from the very start for all of the complex tasks required for your innovative product.

Engineering & Innovation Services

Competitiveness is closely linked to the development of new technologies for innovative products. Harro Höfliger’s Engineering& Innovation Services support you with know-how and provide assistance for your project with test setups, feasibility studies, prototypes and the manufacture of technical samples.


Safety Device for easy disposal of syringe needles after use. Autoinjector with pressure release.

Assembly of a catheter with individual patient features.

Cardiac catheter for the treatment of vascular occlusions (stent).

Process-optimized carrier components for product-specific thread management in surgical sutures.

Patient Specific Packs: Multi-containment Device for personalized dosage. Can be used for products containing active ingredients as well as for dietary supplements.

Micro-assembly solution for use in smart devices, e.g. injection cartridges.

Needle-thread combination with microstructure in the thread. This allows a particularly tissue-friendly operation and at the same time guarantees high suture strength.

New oral dosage form of active ingredient via foil product.

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Ulrich Stahl
Director New Technologies

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