New Drug Delivery Systems

Innovative devices for the efficient transport of proven and new active ingredients to their destination.

Speed-to-market concept and innovative technology

User-friendly single-use drug delivery systems are gaining in importance. Many years of experience with various delivery systems and our technical solution competence define us as the ideal partner to support you in the development of your new device or drug-device combination product. We offer optimization of design according to the requirements of drug application and also manufacturing processes on semi-automatic equipment to help you with a fast and safe product launch.
We also supply production solutions for products licensed by DS Technology, like the pellet-filled XStraw®. This is an oral administration device in straw format, specially developed for children and the elderly. Or a unit dose nasal applicator by MetP®, together with a formulation of a semisolid gel matrix, suited for human care and protection against air pollution, as well as for hormones and brain active molecules.

  • Manufacturing processes on semi-automatic or commercial-scale equipment
  • Transfer of device know-how to optimize the delivery system
  • Packaging of device, documentation and manufacturing equipment
  • Support in drug development and approval process
  • Speed-to-market concept
  • Devices for high-potent prescription drugs, OTC products or nutraceuticals
  • Support provided by our services such as Pharma Services, Engineering and Innovation Services (EIS), Device Services and Validation Services


Nasal devices with thixotropic oil

Filling nasal applicators with thixotropic liquid followed by ultrasonic sealing of the devices.

Machines und categories


Gentle handling of cryo pellets

For the handling of lyophilisates, Harro Höfliger offers a unique automated solution – the Cryo Pellet Dispenser. The freeze-dried pellets are safely conveyed and accurately dosed via air flow.

Innovative oral drug dosage form

Taking medication made easy

XStraw® is the name of a new dosage form using a drinking straw. The straw is pre-filled with a drug and enables a more comfortable intake for children and patients having diffculty swallowing.

Ulrich Stahl
Director New Technologies

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