Wound & Skin Care

State-of-the-art technical solutions for the manufacture of classic and innovative wound care products.

Web processing for medical and skin care products

Patient and user-friendly wound care products suited for acute or chronic, non-healing wounds or sores continue to evolve. In addition to classic wound dressings with a great diversity of formats, Harro Höfliger’s modular machine concepts allow the flexible production and packaging of advanced wound care systems that feature complex structures. Included among them are foams, hydrocolloids, hydrogels and alginates as well as antimicrobial dressings for state-of-the-art wound management.
Dressings can also be fitted with „smart“ onboard technology for added value. All processes for manufacturing wound dressings, as well as skin care products such as corn plasters and heel care patches, can be scaled from laboratory to high-performance machinery.

  • Adaptable and flexible processes for a large variety of product variants
  • Expertise in multi-layered pads and complex laminated products
  • High competence in handling sensitive and innovative materials
  • Wet and liquid dosing based combinations
  • High degree of productivity and product safety
  • In-line packaging for primary and secondary packaging applications
  • Turnkey solutions for production and packaging
  • Support provided by our services such as Pharma Services, Engineering and Innovation Services (EIS), Device Services and Validation Services

Our expertise

Web material handling

In the manufacturing of multi-layer products, what is essential is to be fully knowledgeable of the properties and behavior of the individual web materials. With our many years of experience we offer individual solutions using modular technologies, unique in their combination and based on extensive PoP.

We are leaders in the manufacturing of modern wound care systems that feature complex structures.

Medical products

In addition to traditional wound care products, we are leaders in the manufacturing of modern wound care systems that feature complex structures. Included among them, for example, are foams, hydrocolloids, hydrogels and alginates as well as antimicrobial wound dressing.

On-board technology

Wound care systems with additional benefits: Our flexible, easily adaptable processes also make it possible to provide wound dressings with digital on-board technology. These "smart" high-tech products can monitor wound healing and send data to medical staff.


Production and production of patches to heal blisters

Production of blister patches for the heel, followed by packaging in containers and cartoning

Processing web material into patches for corn removal

Production of corn removal patches plus packaging in sealed bags and folding boxes

Production of TDS/TTS with reservoir

Manufacturing of reservoir patches: Active ingredient gel is dosed onto a carrier film

Medical products for wound dressing must be cleanly packaged

The behavior of the different web materials must be taken into account in the production of wound dressing

Manufacturing, cutting, packaging of wound patches

Foam patches for wound treatment are transferred from the dry tunnel and cut to the exact size

Foam products are also available as border products.

Foam products for moist wound treatment can be manufactured in many different variants.

Machines und categories


Navel patch heals abdominal pain

The Shanxi Yabao Pharmaceutical Group produces homeopathic patches for the Chinese market. The “gingerbread” patch is manufactured on a Packing and Four-Side Sealing Machine from Harro Höfliger.

Small sensor, huge benefit

Smart patches equipped with on board technology

Mobile medical monitoring by means of a smart device: Dressings with small sensors and wireless technology are comfortable to wear and accurately record patients' data.

Hartmut Thier
Director Web Converting Technology

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