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Successful merger of Packaging Valley and PEC

Following the fusion of the two packaging clusters, a network of around 80 companies has emerged in the southwest of Germany.

System extensions are possible thanks to the modular design concept

Coating: New machine page online

The new page provides information on different coating processes.

First high-throughput line for aseptic manufacturing of microarray patches

Vaxxas and Harro Höfliger have entered into a strategic cooperation for the industrial-scale production of new vaccine technology.

Through the cooperation, digital drug printers meeting pharmaceutical requirements are developed.

Strategic alliance for personalized medicine

DiHeSys and Harro Höfliger contribute to the personalized therapy of the future by producing 2D and 3D printers for drugs.

Of dyes and drugs: Giving colour to the world of pharmaceutics

This issue of “side note” deals with colors in the pharmaceutical industry.

On the potentization of nothing, equal contents for all, and double-blind studies

Learn more about homeopathic medicines and the homogeneous distribution of very small quantities of active ingredients.

About Christmas scents, cinnamon stars and "gingerbread patches"

Find out why Harro Höfliger's assembly halls occasionally smell of cinnamon and cloves.

Harro Online

Harro #09

The ninth edition of the HARRO magazine deals with a new form of quality control of DNA and RNA samples.

Harro #08

Vaccination with microneedle patches, state-of-the-art clean rooms, and innovative coating processes – these and other topics can be found here.

Harro #07

The seventh edition of our customer magazine focuses on the capability of the Customer Service.

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KIHE 2020

18.08 – 20.08.2020

Almaty, Kazakhstan

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