Excellence United Experience Days

For 2018, the focus in the workshops was on spare parts management.

The participants had ample opportunity to network.

The Excellence United Experience Days 2018 with a focus on spare parts management provided a unique opportunity to network.

Presentations and workshops on spare parts management.

Presentations and discussions on classification, identification, procurement, documentation and obsolescence management.

This year saw the fourth Excellence United Experience Days, which took place in Frankfurt am Main, where Excellence United traditionally invites customers every two years. This event provides a platform for open discussions, assessments and topic-related workshops among the participants, the results of which should later translate into market- and demand-oriented service products and portfolios for the Excellence United companies. For 2018, the focus for the participants was on spare parts management. On the first evening, participants got to know each other during a kick-off event at the Genussakademie Frankfurt, where they enjoyed a delicious three-course menu, prepared by themselves under expert guidance. As in the past, this provided a unique opportunity to network, establish personal contacts and joint discussions.

The following morning, spare parts classification, identification, procurement, documentation and obsolescence management were featured in the presentations of the keynote speakers Peter Kutter from R-Pharm, and Isabel Schwerdt and Rainer Ulrich from McKinsey & Company. R-Pharm presented an innovative spare (parts, repair and maintenance management) and format parts management (including changeover management), including the required equipment and key data. Also, important planning and analysis parameters, as well as options for the optimization of internal processes relating to spare parts management (also across the group, global) were introduced to the participants. Based on their project experience, both keynote parties once again emphasised the fundamental importance of spare parts management for the industry, especially in the years to come, and bearing in mind digitisation, globalisation and innovative manufacturing processes (e.g. 3D printing).

Following the very interesting key presentations, the participants took part in individual workshops. The discussions started during the kick-off event the previous evening helped to quickly get into the topics and lead to meaningful and interesting discussions relating to the day-to-day spare parts management. After an individual “impulse lecture” (360° view of the respective topic), each topic was then discussed with all participants and, for the first time ever, comprehensive results and expectations were captured by a real-time Internet browser query, and evaluated and discussed with the participants.

The event closed with very positive feedback from the participants and the desire to continue this event in the future. Excellence United thanked all participating customers who, with their input, made the event a success for both parties.

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