Tablet computers in classrooms and workshops

Eight prospective industrial mechanics at Harro Höfliger take part in a school pilot project on the use of mobile devices during vocational training.


The apprentices use tablets in addition to textbooks.

Enthusiastic about the project: The apprentices can use their personal tablet PCs for a mobile and well-connected way to study.

Eight prospective industrial mechanics take part in the tablet pilot project at school.

The eight first-year industrial mechanics take part in the tablet project of the Backnang Commercial School.

Vocational training 4.0: The tablets prepare the apprentices for their future tasks.

Fit for the digital working world: The tablets also prepare young professionals for the demands of a modern workplace.

Multimedia-enabled tablets are now firmly established in more and more areas of the workplace. As part of a school pilot project of the Backnang Commercial School together with Harro Höfliger and other partner companies, as of January they will also be used in the training of industrial mechanics (m/f). In the future, the digital devices are supposed to combine theoretical instruction at vocational schools even better with operational practice and support the learning processes of the students.

The eight first-year industrial mechanic apprentices use the tablets in addition to textbooks. They utilize them at the vocational school as well as at the HH Academy training workshop, and are also allowed to use them privately for lesson preparation and follow-up. The tablets are financed by the companies participating in the project.

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