Even more analytical options: Harro Höfliger opens new laboratory

The second laboratory allows Harro Höfliger to provide additional analytical methods - reducing mechanical engineering process risks even before the design phase begins.


The laboratories in Allmersbach provide various analytical methods.

Allmersbach im Tal, March 09, 2022

With the opening of the new laboratory, Harro Höfliger, an expert for production and packaging machines, has more than doubled their laboratory space. A total area of more than 120 m² is now available. Dr. Elke Sternberger-Rützel, Head of Pharma Services: "Two laboratories with different priorities provide even more analytical methods. In the new laboratory we concentrate completely on powders. In our previous laboratory, everything focuses on liquids and instrumental analysis from now on." With the laboratories, Harro Höfliger provides support in product development at an early stage – for example in pharmaceutical development and the development of individual dosing processes. 

More possibilities thanks to additional equipment

As part of the conversion activities, both laboratories were furnished with additional equipment. Dr. Elke Sternberger-Rützel: "In our powder laboratory, for example, we now have a 3D scanning microscope that combines various images to form a spatial image. This allows us to assess the powder particle structure at an early stage and draw initial conclusions about its machine processability." Other systems can be used, for example, to measure very fine particles, which have a major influence on how a product can be processed later. The lab will also be equipped with a second New Generation Impactor (NGI), a kind of aerodynamic flow model of the lungs.

Physico-chemical analysis

Liquids play a role in a variety of products which are manufactured on machines from Harro Höfliger. That includes soft mist inhalers and oral dissolvable films (ODFs) but also detergent pods. "We have rebuilt our previous laboratory in order to enable numerous physico-chemical analyses," explains Dr. Elke Sternberger-Rützel. "There, for example, we determine viscosities of liquids - an important prerequisite for well-functioning metering processes."

New, for instance, is a particle measuring instrument that can be used to characterize nano- and microparticles in liquids. Furthermore, the laboratory also includes two high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems. These instruments are used to test if and to what extent particles of active ingredients accumulate at machine surfaces. That way, the team ensures, for example, that no uncontrolled loss of active ingredients occurs during filling processes. Another component is the so-called laser defractor. With this device, it is possible to analyze the spray patterns of soft mist inhalers. Additional equipment is already being planned.  

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