Strategic alliance for personalized medicine

DiHeSys and Harro Höfliger contribute to the personalized therapy of the future by producing 2D and 3D printers for drugs.


Through the cooperation, digital drug printers meeting pharmaceutical requirements are developed.

DiHeSys and Harro Höfliger together develop pharmaceutical printers to produce patient-specific thin oral films and tablets. Image: Ute Huber/Harro Höfliger

A customized therapy, with the optimal individual amount of active substances for each patient - this is the vision of DiHeSys Digital Health Systems GmbH based in Ulm. As part of a strategic cooperation with Harro Höfliger, the company is developing GMP-compliant dosing systems for 2D and 3D printing to produce patient-specific thin films and tablets.

By pooling Harro Höfliger's expertise in machine technology and DiHeSys' know-how in the field of pharmaceutical digital printing and formulation technology, both companies make a joint effort at enabling medical practitioners and pharmacists to prescribe and produce individualized medication. Patients could benefit from improved therapies with fewer side effects. Taking personal patient data into account, such as weight, height and lifestyle habits, in future the drugs could be produced directly in the pharmacy, using the jointly developed pharmaceutical printers.

"The cooperation creates synergies which clearly represent an added value for our health market customers", says Dr. Markus Dachtler, CEO of DiHeSys, "We can offer digital drug printers meeting pharmaceutical requirements, formulations and print cartridges containing active ingredients, all from one and the same source. Thus, a safe, high-quality drug supply can be ensured.”

Thomas Weller, CEO of Harro Höfliger, is certain that individualized therapy will play an increasing role in the healthcare system of the future - especially in view of the progressive digitalization with growing amounts of treatment data: "With this cooperation we are at the forefront of these developments, making an important contribution to such personalized therapies of the future.”


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