Customer Service

Technical support and comprehensive services – throughout the entire lifetime of your machine.

Production reliability - anytime, anywhere

Our Customer Service department has the same objective as you: to achieve high and reliable performance throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment. Our global service team provides support with services and customised service products to guarantee and improve the performance of the machine. Harro Höfliger’s service philosophy is to ensure close cooperation, efficient communication and high flexibility.


  • Turnkey and individualised solutions
  • A direct and dedicated contact person
  • Support throughout the machine life-cycle
  • Production reliability
  • Excellence United Service Portal

Support for your requirements


Personal contact

Right from the start of the planning phase of your equipment, you will have your own direct service contact helping you throughout.


Production reliability

During unplanned machine downtimes you need quick solutions. We are here to support you remotely or on site to ensure that you will be able to fulfil your production goals. If necessary, we will make sure that spare parts are delivered quickly.  


Global remote service

Fast support around the globe: The Excellence United Service Portal enables remote diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance of your system in real time. Our service technicians on site support you as required.

Director of Customer Service Jackson Heslop

Which services does customer service offer?
For us, great customer service means more than excellent after-sales service and professional support in an emergency. Our goal is to ensure that the machines remain ready for use throughout their entire life cycle and that they run with high productivity. We can make them more efficient with upgrades and technically fit for new production objectives by retrofitting them. And of course, we provide the users with in-depth training so they can be prepared for their tasks.

What kind of training does Harro Höfliger conduct?
Our training programs are structured to be modular. In each training module, the employees of our customers learn everything that is important to know about machine operation, maintenance, electrical, electronics/software, troubleshooting and process technology.

How does the Service Portal work?
One click on the operator terminal is all you need to make contact with Harro Höfliger. Using a multi-media “conference center” the user can send news, transfer images, and communicate with our service experts using a headset and a webcam. This allows us to work with the user to identify the cause of a problem and to eliminate it quickly via remote access. In most cases, this makes it unnecessary for a service technician to be sent out to the location.

Can the Service Portal also provide preventive service?  
Yes, integrated in the portal is a comprehensive tool for maintenance management. In addition, the user can quickly pull up the machine documentation or open the stored spare parts catalog.

What can we do for you?

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