Our maintenance life-cycle program ensures that your equipment runs at its highest performance. Our technicians carry out visual and safety inspections, supply and exchange spare parts, check tools and format parts, and assist you in calibrating your machine. Test runs and parameter adjustments enable continuous optimisation and increased efficiency. We can also coordinate the maintenance activities of subcontractors for you.

Field service

In emergency situations, such as machine breakdowns, immediate help is required. Our worldwide network of service technicians guarantees fast support whenever needed. The express delivery service ensures that you receive required spare parts as quickly as possible. After resolving the problem, our service technician will consult you on how to prevent and correct the machine error and carry out a visual inspection before leaving your site.  

Production support

A successful start and highest efficiency right from the beginning: Our technicians support your production team in commissioning your system. In addition to the machine-specific expertise, your operators benefit from an introduction on topics, such as format change, maintenance activities, error analysis and troubleshooting. Your team and your equipment will be perfectly prepared for reliable production.


Customised machines require well-trained personnel. Our training programs prepare your operators, technicians and production managers to work safely and efficiently with the equipment. In hands-on or classroom training, you will learn everything about safety, troubleshooting, machine operation, maintenance, cleaning, calibration and spare parts. Detailed training documentation for the classroom training is also provided.

Technical Key Account

Efficient exchange of know-how through close communication is important to us. Our Technical Key Account visits you on a regular basis to check your equipment and provide assistance. The Technical Key Account coordinates all service activities of Harro Höfliger at your site and supports you with the spare parts management. You receive immediate emergency assistance and dedicated consultation.

Embedded Engineer

An Embedded Engineer is a Harro Höfliger technician continuously supporting you with your equipment at your site alongside your technicians. You benefit from the technician’s expertise, not only through continuous equipment improvement strategies and emergency support, but also during production and project planning. The Embedded Engineer forms the interface between you and us and manages modifications, maintenance activities and spare parts, as well as the machine log book and further documentation.

Spare Parts

Efficient spare parts management is essential for a successful machine operation. Our technical experts analyse every machine component and evaluate the wear, the likelihood of unexpected failure and effect on the equipment. Based on the evaluation, we provide you with a spare parts recommendation containing all critical components for warehousing and maintenance. The machine-specific 3D spare parts catalogue illustrates the entire bill of material and supports you in identifying components.


At your request, we modify your equipment according to your needs and production targets. Whether you need a small adjustment or the remodelling of an entire assembly unit, we will provide you with a complete solution that meets your exact requirements. Mechanical and electrical modifications are developed by service design engineers and, if possible, the components are pre-assembled and tested at Harro Höfliger before being shipped to your site. In order to support you with the implementation, we provide you with the qualification documents and a risk analysis.

Remote Support

In order to provide fast and efficient remote support, we have developed the Excellence United Service Portal, which enables service requests directly from the machine HMI, a PC or a tablet. Our software engineers process your request and solve software and mechanical problems without having to wait for a technician on site. The portal also enables visual communication with our specialists directly at the machine HMI. Additionally, through Port 433 connection instead of VPN, we can ensure a secure connection upon receiving a service request from your production team.

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