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A wide range of solutions for form packaging, as well as production and packaging of medical technology products.

Film formation - flexible technology for a wide variety of products

Form and portion packaging for consumer goods, medical supply products and safely packaged surgical sutures have one thing in common: initially, the film material is on the roll. Whether the material is aluminum or PVOH film, cold forming or thermal forming, Harro Höfliger offers tried and tested technology, perfectly customized for the specific product. Our experience in web processing is reflected in every process, from handling, to forming, from dosing, sealing, stamping, to packaging. Our machines cover a wide range of applications needed for medical technology products. Corresponding components such as PADs (Patient Attachment Devices), valves and hoses are reliably integrated.

  • High process reliability from decades of experience and many successfully implemented projects
  • Continuous support from the product development process to production
  • Customized solutions for a diverse range of film properties
  • Solutions for various output performances
  • Maximum protection of your products
  • Consistent interpretation of GMP standards

Our expertise

Expertly designed portion packs laundry detergent and cleaning agent

Portion packs

Laundry detergent and cleaning agent in water-soluble form packages are distinctive, unique and comfortable in their application. We offer solid production technology for form-fill-seal processes and for filling single chamber and multi-chamber packagings for powder, liquids and gel in any combination.

Expertly designed surgical suture material winding and packaging

Surgical suture material

Deep-drawn aluminum blister packs, or form packaging ensure safe packaging of surgical suture material. The UTW winding machine makes it possible to fully-automatically wind a large number of needle-string combinations on a standard XTray or on customized string carriers.

Expertly designed medical colostomy and urostomy applications

Medical applications

Producing products for infusion, urostomy and colostomy applications requires the highest possible quality in the processing of demanding materials. Our machines cover all requirements with an array of manual, semi-automatic or even unformatted fully automatic component feeding.


Dishwasher tabs dosing of powder and liquid

Dishwasher tabs: Dosing powder and liquid into water-soluble film-form packages

form packages filled with detergent

Film processing to create form packages filled with detergent: The machines fill both powder and liquid

Form packages filled with instant powder

Packaging instant beverages into film form bags with high recognition value

Packaging soluble beverages

Packaging soluble beverages using the core processes dosing, sealing and cutting

Filter pads with coffee powder cup of coffee

When manufacturing filter pads with coffee powder, the process guarantees that the packets are tightly sealed.

Contact lenses into strips

Packaging contact lenses into strips: Processing with film, dosing liquids and tightly sealing with film cut to shape.

Better vision all around – whether packaging contact lenses or assembling individually adjustable eyeglasses. For variable eyeglasses, liquid is dosed under vacuum between two plastic discs. An adjustment wheel on the frame can adjust the vision settings itself.

Bags stoma care

Producing bags of various shapes for reliable stoma care.

Form packages for detergents and cleaners

When producing form packages for detergents and cleaners, a large number of combinations of liquid and powder can be realized in a variety of shapes.

Machines und categories

Leader Business Unit Web Forming Stefan Bernsau

Stefan Bernsau
Leader Business Unit Web Forming

Leader Business Unit Web Forming Markus Hänle

Markus Hänle
Leader Business Unit Web Forming

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