Maintenance Manager

Flexible and efficient solution to plan and execute maintenance work


Maintenance Manager simplifies and optimizes the maintenance of your machinery: The application enables you to create and manage maintenance plans for different machines in a flexible and easy way. In addition, maintenance personnel can perform and document maintenance step by step. Clear information on the individual work steps is available at any time, and it can be accessed from everywhere via different terminal devices.

Due to the modular system you determine which information you want to have recorded in the system e.g. descriptions of the activity, photos or QR codes. This not only provides a high level of security but also an ideal basis for a continued optimization of the maintenance plans. In addition to that, comments can be added and completed steps can easily be checked off. An audit trail ensures transparency and traceability. With the optionally available interface to your machines, Maintenance Manager also links the latest status information with the necessary maintenance tasks to be planned. 

  • Preventive maintenance prevents machine downtime
  • Simple system integration of existing machines
  • Subdivision of maintenance into different sub-activities
  • Continuous improvement of your maintenance plans
  • High flexibility through maintenance modules
  • Efficiency and security through digital input
  • Optimized data management
  • Optimized maintenance, organizing and planning with the Maintenance Manager

    The Maintenance Manager is a digital solution for optimized maintenance work.

  • Maintenance Manager: Flexible management of maintenance plans

    Checking, planning and optimization of maintenance in one application.

  • Clear interfaces for optimized maintenance

    The clearly structured interface of the Maintenance Manager is easy-to-use.


With Maintenance Manager, information on upcoming maintenance activities is available throughout, including all relevant details.  


Via maintenance modules you can control all components of your maintenance. The program guides the operators step by step through the different stages.


Easily planned, transparently performed and well-documented maintenance provides the basis for an increasing machine availability.


Maintenance Manager stores all data about the maintenance work performed in the archive. This simplifies the retrieval and analysis of previous maintenance reports.

Digital applications

Deep Learning in image processing

The Vision Systems division at Harro Höfliger deals with deep learning methods for optimized image processing and quality control.

3D-Simulation for virtual commissioning

The virtual commissioning with 3D models enables the early verification of technical solutions even before the assembly of the machine.

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