Format free: Reliable weighing system for 100 % inspection


The OmniControl is an inspection machine for format free 100 % inspection, which relies on weighing capsules, tablets, coated pills or customized products. Its weighing cell controls the sorting of good and bad product using the patented rotary star principle. As a reliability center, OmniControl guarantees comprehensive process reliability and meets the highest pharmaceutical standards.

  • No additional investment, because it is format free
  • Format free feeding, weight determination and product separation
  • Minimal setup and cleaning times
  • Extremely high process reliability thanks to patented rotary star principle
  • Increased production with feedback loop on the dosing system
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Kapseln und Tabletten formatunabhängig verwiegen

    OmniControl – format independent weight inspection of capsules and tablets

    OmniControl – the most widely format independent inspection system for capsules and tablets; OmniControl revolutionizes the quality inspection of solid dosage forms.

  • Kapseln, Tabletten und andere Solida formatunabhänging zuführen

    OmniControl – transport of solids through vacuum suction wheel irrespective of format

    Tablets and capsules of a variety of sizes are gently transported via the patented vacuum suction wheel into the weighing plates. The format independent feeding is available in 6-groove and 12-groove design.


  • Pharmazeutische Solida prozesssicher verwiegen und sortieren

    OmniControl – weighing cells for determining the weight of capsules and tablets

    The weighing cell determines the weight of the tablets. After evaluating the weight data the system sorts into good and bad products via a rotary star.

Technical data
  • Output: 32,500 to 65,000 products/h*
  • Design: 6 to 12 grooves
  • Measuring range: 0 - 2,000 mg
  • Measuring accuracy: ± 2 mg
Final products
  • 100 % weighed capsules
  • 100 % weighed tablets
  • 100 % weighed coated pills
  • 100 % weighed customized products

Machine features

Gentle product handling

The combination of the vacuum suction wheel and the pocket wheel enable a format free, gentle handling of capsules, tablets, coated pills and other customized products.

Peripheral network

Standard interfaces (MES, ActiveDirectory, OPC, …) allow the customer-specific peripherals to communicated with the IT network of the Harro Höfliger systems.

Feeback loop

The Feedback Loop provides the option to run an automatic trend regulation of the fill weight where there is a line link between the capsule weight machine Accura-C and the capsule filling machine Modu-C.

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