Well designed: Versatile powder dosing machine for development and small batches (semi-automatic)


The Omnidose meets all product development requirements in galenics, allowing the semi-automatic production of small batches and clinical trial samples. With various dosing principles, all forms of powder can be optimally dosed. Barrier technology even allows highly effective and toxic products to be processed.

  • Optimum dosing system for each product
  • Safe processing of highly effective and toxic product with powder containment
  • Scaling to production standard thanks to standardized processes
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Can be used in a variety of applications
Powder dosing for R&D and small batches

The basic design of the Omnidose lab filling machine with standard guard.

Dosing of power via drum filler

Semi-automatic powder dosing via drum filler. Thanks to the trolley design, it is possible to quickly change between various dosing processes.

Technical data
  • Dosing volume: approx. 20 mm3 - approx. 1000 mm3
  • Dosing range: 10–5000 mg*
  • Particle size: 1µm and higher
  • * At a reference density of the powder of 0.5 mg per mm3
Final products
  • Capsules
  • Devices
  • Blisters and discs
  • Powder reservoirs
  • Vials
  • Cartridges

Machine features

Filling pharmaceutical solid ingredients in capsules requires precise dosing methods.

Filling capsules

Various systems for capsule filling allow the dosing of powders, pellets, tablets, micro-tablets, powder blends, active ingredients or liquids. It is even possible to dose capsules into capsules.

Micro-dosing is applied to fill blister cavities with active ingredients.

Filling blisters

The powder filling module can be optionally equipped with a drum filler or with a diaphragm filler. For roller dosing, the cavities are partially filled, for diaphragm dosing, the blister cups are filled up to 100%.

Exchanging the dosing method by changing out the trolley: Short setup times and fast cleaning for efficiently producing pharmaceuticals.

Trolley concept

The patented dosing trolley system allows the operator to quickly change the dosing method: Whether powder, pellets, tablets, micro-tablets or liquid – the next dosing process is already set up. Short setup times, fast cleaning, maximum productivity. Plug-and-play options for the process change.

Barrier technology protects the product from contamination and the user from coming into contact with active ingredients.

Barrier technology

Compact machine design and detailed knowledge of all processes makes Harro Höfliger a specialist in containment and barrier systems that serve to protect both the operator and the product. For ideal accessibility, ergonomic studies are performed that simulate all processes and operating steps.

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