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The ability to manufacture multi-layer products from roll material offers countless opportunities for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Even while still in the test phase for the market release of new products, we develop cutting edge technology suited to this task. The success of our customers is due not only to our high-quality machines, but also to our technical expertise on how to process innovative web material. Our experts combine proven basic process and newly developed stations for the appropriate solution and integrate it into our modular equipment platforms.

  • Standard processes for fast basic configuration
  • Customized with product specific adaptations
  • Modular design for fast format change and production of variants
  • Clearly arranged balcony structure with separate areas for production, supply and drive train
  • Simple, well thought out and coherent operating concept
  • Turnkey solutions with synchronized, universal interfaces
  • 100% inspection with in-line inspection systems




Lab and batch series machines for web processing (intermittent)



Platform for web processing for the pharmaceuticals, medical and diagnostics (intermittent)



Platform for web processing for pharmaceuticals, medical and diagnostics (continuous)

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