Innovative production solutions for drug delivery by means of microneedle systems

Microneedles with a great potential


Microneedle systems and Microneedle Array Patches (MAP) are a promising platform for the delivery of drug substances. These systems  are being intensively researched, for instance as an alternative to conventional vaccine delivery via syringes. The extremely small needles penetrate the uppermost skin layer and deliver the active substances locally or into the body via the blood-stream. In addition to drug-coated or hollow filled microneedles, which are applied using an individual device or a patch, there are also developments of needles that dissolve completely after application. They consist of the drug (API) embedded into a soluble matrix.

As a specialist for innovative process solutions and an expert in injectables and patches, Harro Höfliger actively supports the development of this future technology.

  • Experience in the development of innovative processes and devices from PoC to commercialization
  • Flexible solutions for aseptic processes
  • Expertise in the gentle handling of sensitive products
  • High-precision coating and assembly processes
  • Process reliability through scale-up from lab to production
  • Close cooperation with universities and technical colleges
  • Technology partners along the entire development chain
  • Support provided by our services such as Pharma Services, Engineering and Innovation Services (EIS), Device Services and Validation Services

Our expertise

Aseptic filling of liquids and powder plus packaging of sterile injection and infusion preparations is extremely demanding.

Aseptic processes

A clean, aseptic environment is essential for the manufacture, coating, drying, filling and packaging of sterile microneedle-based systems. Harro Höfliger's concepts are tailored to your specific needs and range from laminar flow systems to isolators.

Microneedle Array Patch

Microneedle Array Patches (MAP), which contain a large number of needles with active ingredient, are applied to the skin using a plastic device. At Harro Höfliger, the often complex assembly processes of such small devices can be tested and then be reliably scaled to production format.

Microneedle Patches

Our flexible processes in the manufacture of patches also allow the production, handling and processing of microneedle patches. All processes are designed for high product safety and gentle handling of the delicate needles.


Production of patches including the assembly of needles

Manufacturing of transdermal therapeutic systems with microneedles, which release the ingredient into the skin

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Stefan Bernsau
Director Needle Technology

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