Personalized medicine: Harro Höfliger becomes shareholder of DiHeSys

Harro Höfliger has become a shareholder in the start-up company DiHeSys (Digital Health Systems GmbH). Together they want to help shape the future of personalized medicine.


Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH is investing in the healthcare provider DiHeSys. In May of this year, the two companies announced that they would be entering into a strategic alliance to develop drug printing for personalized therapy. The focus of this partnership is the goal of enabling the production of patient-specific thin films and tablets. The investment will also strengthen the partnership financially.

DiHeSys' vision is to provide a complete system for personalized 2D and 3D printing of medicines. In addition to the printers themselves, this includes the development of inks and filaments containing active ingredients, as well as software and services for digital printing of personalized medicine. The company also focuses on aspects such as cartridge supply and data management. As a technological partner, Harro Höfliger offers support in the construction of GMP-compliant printers.

"Joining DiHeSys is a logical step for us, because we clearly see of the potential of the concept," explains Thomas Weller, CEO of Harro Höfliger. "We are also reacting to the great response from the market - first studies with the pharmaceutical printers are already underway. Against the background of the corona pandemic, which led to a surge in digitalization in the health care sector, we consider the investment to be very sustainable. DiHeSys is very active in the area of data management, among other things, and thus has the best prerequisites to establish itself as a technology leader in the field of personalized medicine."

Markus Dachtler, CEO of DiHeSys, also emphasizes that the partnership lays an important foundation for the future: "We have the pharmaceutical know-how necessary for formulation development, while Harro Höfliger fully supports us in all technological challenges. Together we have the best prerequisites to actively shape the future of personalized medicine."

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