Simplified capsule development with the MicroVibe Trolley

The dosing system for precise powder filling can now be integrated into an automatic capsule filling machine.


MicroVibe Trolley and Capsule Filling Machine Modu-C LS

As a trolley, the MicroVibe dosing system can be easily inserted into the capsule filling machine Modu-C LS.

Harro Höfliger's MicroVibe – a high-precision dosing system for capsule development – is now available as a flexible dosing trolley. This means that the dosing station can be quickly and easily integrated into the fully automatic capsule filling machine Modu-C LS.

"MicroVibe Trolley provides a simplified route from initial tests to production," says Product Manager Benedict Kleine-König. "Frequently, only little powder is available during early development stages. MicroVibe makes it possible to achieve highly precise results while minimizing product consumption - and, if integrated into a capsule filling machine, this is done fully automatically. In addition, all required information can be visualized via an HMI and each capsule is traceable. Once development is complete, the same Modu-C machine can be used for commercial production. To this end, the user simply inserts a trolley with a dosing system that has a higher output."

The MicroVibe dosing station can be flexibly adapted to powder properties and target weight. Even micro amounts from 1 mg upwards can be dosed thanks to a precise weigh cell which achieves a resolution of 0.01 mg. Utilizing the "fill-to-weight" principle, a gravimetric scale determines the weight during the filling process. When approaching the target weight, the dosing quantity is reduced and the filling process continued in fine dosing mode until the exact target weight has been reached. Integrated into the Modu-C, the MicroVibe achieves an output of up to 600 capsules per hour. This also applies for the optional use under containment conditions. 

Apart from being available as a dosing trolley, the system can also be supplied as a purely manual MicroVibe Lab station. In addition to capsules, this station is capable of filling vials, blisters and diagnostic strips.

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