Strategic cooperation with peptech

The cooperation with the start-up enables Harro Höfliger to integrate innovative process options into its machines.


In some projects with peptech, pressure sensors are used, which are highly flexible and thinner than a human hair.

Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH has announced a strategic cooperation with peptech GmbH.  The high-tech start-up from Kernen im Remstal near Stuttgart specializes in flexible and printed electronics, for use in medical technology. The possible uses range from monitoring the stretch of an elastic bandage to measuring the fingertip pressure of a prosthetic hand.  Thanks to this special technology, sensors can be used where it was previously not technically possible.  As part of the cooperation, Harro Höfliger and peptech will carry out joint development studies, with an aim to supplement existing processes with these new technologies. In some projects, special pressure sensors are used, which are highly flexible and thinner than a human hair. 

"We work very closely and intensively with the Harro Höfliger development department," explains Dr. Norman Mechau, CEO and founder of peptech: "Our common focus is on increasing process speeds and scalability in order to use the advantages of flexible sensors in established industrial processes." Thomas Weller, CEO of Harro Höfliger, emphasizes the high innovation potential of the cooperation: “The expandable sensor system opens up a wide range of technological possibilities. These create the basis for further optimizing machines and technologies in the interests of our customers. " 

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