Technology for the little ones

Children from two preschools in Allmersbach im Tal visited Harro Höfliger’s training workshop.


Experience technology and science in a playful way.

The “Technolino” project introduces children to technology and science in a playful way.

The short visit was a part of the long-term cooperation within the scope of the “Technolino“ project, which introduces technology and natural sciences to children in a playful way. 

The apprentices of Harro Höfliger set up a hands-on technical course at the HH Academy consisting of five stations, each with a specific challenge. At the first station, for example, the young visitors had to identify different materials and classify them into the categories “will float“ and “will not float“. During the subsequent test in the water basin, their assumptions were put to the test.

A small electric circuit assembly as well as a solar cell could be admired at station two. At the third station, the children learned how a conveyor belt works. A simplified pneumatic system and the opportunity to build the tallest possible tower from cardboard boxes awaited them at stations four and five.

As a final challenge, the children had the chance to create a huge domino show from cardboard boxes, which covered the entire area of the room. Everybody was involved, put the boxes in a row and happily cheered when all boxes toppled as planned.

The trainees then presented the workpieces they had made during their apprenticeship and took their time to answer the questions from the curious little visitors. The final group photo rounded off an eventful and exciting day. 




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